The Importance of Visiting Your Dentist on a Regular Basis

Has it been a while since you last visited your dentist and are you wondering how often you should go? Many people go to the dentist not just to make their teeth clean, but to also straighten their teeth, whiten their teeth, or to fix chipped teeth. It can be quite confusing to know how often to go to the dentist with multiple people telling you different things. Fortunately, the American Dental Association gives a recommendation of how often you should see your dentist. Let’s go over a few reasons as to why you should see your dentist and how often you should see them every year.

Full Dental Examination

adult dental healthThe main reason you want to visit your dentist is that they will be able to give you a full examination of your dental health. They will be able to examine your mouth, gums, and teeth for signs of infection or disease.

One of the diseases that dentists can catch quickly if you go regularly is oral cancer. If this cancer is not diagnosed in a timely fashion it can be life-threatening. Early detection of oral cancer is most of the time easily treatable. Your dentist was highly trained to catch these types of cancers, which is a critical reason why it is important to see your dentist on a regular basis.

You also want to visit your dentist so they can quickly detect any cavities, tartar, and plaque. Even if you have a good brushing routine, you can often miss areas in your mouth which can cause cavities and tartar buildup. Cavities are also hard to discover if you’re trying to do it by yourself. You’ll want your dentist to give you an x-ray so they can detect any cavities as it can prevent any root canals. Early detection of cavities will also save you a ton of money in the long haul because you need fewer procedures done the cavity is small. The dentist will only need to fill in your cavity if they can catch it quickly compared to doing a root canal. The average cost for the cavity filling is around $70 dollars compared to a root canal which can cost hundreds of dollars.


How Often Do You See Your Dentist?

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The main question that you should ask is how often should you actually go to your dentist every year. The American Dental Association recommends that you visit your dentist every six months, which means you should see your dentist twice a year. If you are in a high-risk group such as a pregnant woman, diabetic, or smoker you may need to see your dentist every four months depending on how serious your conditioner is.

These are just a few reasons as to why you should see your Oral Doctor on a regular basis, which means at the minimum twice a year. You will also want to see your dentist more often if you are in the high-risk group. Hopefully, you are already seeing your dentist on regular basis to help prevent any infections or diseases.


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