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  • Dr. Copeland is a great dentist. It was easy for me to make a first time appointment and he is fast too (no waiting!). He has been a dentist for decades, and prefers to do the full cleaning and dental exam himself. He is very personable and I could easily talk with him. While his office is not the most up-to-date, it is pleasant, and since he has been a dentist for so long, so I think he can have it his own way. I have used both Blue Cross and Aetna insurance at his office, but I'm sure he takes others too.

    A W.
  • Wow! I'm shocked there's not enough reviews with this dds, Copeland. First, his staff is genuinely wonderful. They're so helpful and sweet. And not to mention knowledgeable. They do care for their patients. With that said, Copeland is the same way! He will work with you about payments and will let you know if there's a problem with your teeth. If you have concerns or questions, he's always there to answer and assist. Copeland is pretty popular in the neighborhood so make sure to arrange your appointments carefully. He's a bit chatty but hey I don't care, as long he takes care of my teeth well. It's worth the drive for me!

    Veronica C.
  • Dr. Copeland is a good dentist. He is friendly, quick, efficient and honest. It is a very small, private practice without any frills, and I'm usually in and out within 30 minutes. His admin staff is also good...again, no frills, but friendly and efficient. My only complaint is that he really likes to talk politics. It is VERY clear what his political views are, and a few of my friends have transferred dentists because of this issue. Yes, it's annoying, but going to the dentist usually is. I can put up with it twice a year.

    Michelle H.
  • I've been going to Copeland for a few years. He's personable, professional, and I'd recommend him to anyone. It's a small office, just him and a pleasant admin, where they remember you and treat you like a person. Scheduling is a breeze and I've used a couple different insurers there.

    Michael S.
  • I had two cavities and usually don't deal with drills very well. Amazingly he was patient, efficient and quick. You can tell he's been doing this for a long time and is an expert. He may not have all the newest gadgets and dentistry equipment but he is a GREAT dentist and I will continue to see him!

    Carolyn B.
  • And a few years ago I had several cavities (had not been to a dentist in over 10 years because I had been cavity-free since birth for many decades). After a massive cleaning in several visits, Dr. Copeland filled those cavities with only slight discomfort. And now he and Sally see me twice a year to keep it that way. Definitely would recommend,this practice. Particularly since my MetLife coverage pays for the cleanings and regular X-rays

    Peter K.
  • Wonderful dentist ideal for a family always warm and friendly. Gives sound advice makes both kids and adults feel comfortable. Would not go elsewhere.

    Shazia S.
  • Such a great family dentist! Love their staff, easy to book appointments and close to home. Highly recommend!!

    Allison O.
  • Most reasonable costs of any dentist in this area. He likes to talk but does very good work. Very reliable, and not out to make a buck on you.

    Scott W.

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We know how hectic life can be. So not only do we make it easy for you to schedule your appointment, we also ensure that you are seen on time and that we make good use of our time together.

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