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Is It Safe To have Silver Fillings for Your Teeth -Cherrydale Family Dental

With all of the information available nowadays, many are wondering whether they should think about swapping their silver or amalgam fillings with composite fillings. Unfortunately, there is no clear consensus on the matter even among dental industry experts. One of the biggest surprises is the number of people that do not know that silver fillings actually contain mercury. Because mercury is such a powerful toxin, it is something that people need to know about and understand. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons you should opt to get your fillings replaced.


1. Safety

Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin and this has been known for years and years. Because of this, everyone should look to get their mercury contained fillings checked out. The fact is, a majority of the mercury exposure comes from the process of placing your fillings and taking them out. Because of this, it would not necessarily be wise to go to the dentist to get them removed simply because of the threat of mercury being released into your mouth. Instead, you should go to get the fillings checked out to make sure that they are fully intact. You are only going to expose yourself to more potential for mercury exposure if you were to get removed and replaced.


2. Conflicting Data

Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting data to point towards the process of removing and replacing silver fillings. In the USA, there have been studies that have shown that there is no clear or concise data that shows that it can help. Whereas, in other countries, there have been studies that show that those that got their silver fillings removed and replaced have experienced better health as a result.





3. FDA

When it comes to the current FDA stance on this subject, they point to amalgam being known as a safe material that can be used in the mouth without consequence. They also point to any dentist that recommended removing this material due to health concerns from mercury exposure as unethical. In fact, any dentist that decides to tell their patients they might experience negative health consequences because it can be at risk of getting their license taken away from them.

Overall, there is a lot to consider when it comes to figuring out whether or not you should remove and replace silver fillings with composite options. The truth is, silver fillings do contain mercury. However, the problem comes from the process of removing the fillings. The simple process of removing the fillings is likely to put you at greater risk of mercury exposure than having them in your mouth, to begin with.

Therefore, there is a very big risk you take when you decide to remove and replace these fillings with composite alternatives. You should monitor the fillings and ensure that they are fully intact. If you do have damage to the filling, you could be at greater risk of exposure to mercury, so it should be an option for those that might have a damaged filling in their mouth.

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